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General Information and Resources
Editing Codes
Canadian Spellings
"To Be": Transitive or Intransitive? That is the question.
Are you empathic or empathetic?
Help with Pronouncing Names
Young Writers of Canada
Shakespeare Online
Etymology Dictionary
More commas
Hyphens Quick and Dirty
Hyphens: The Whole Story
Target Audience
Target Audience

The Dash
Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses
U of O Writing Centre: Punctuation
When "is when" is Wrong
Grammar: Frequently Asked Questions
Furthermore, Transitional Words and Phrases
Integrating Quotations with Quiz
The Elements of Fiction
Quoting lines of poetry
A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
Literary Terms
Wheeler's List of Terms
Paul Marchbanks' Literary Terms
Narrative Point of View
More on narrative POV
Elizabethan World ViewPoetic Forms
Elizabethan Worldview: Tillyard in a Nutshell
Wheeler's PPP on The Great Chain of Being
How is analysis different from description?
Sample MLA Essay
Canterbury High School Style Guide
How to Write a News Story
Graphic Organizers
Freudian Terminology
School Year Calendar

Ontario Curriculum